What Can You Expect From Our Wing Chun Classes?

Safety & Patience: Students train at their own pace, while encouraged to challenge themselves. We believe that everyone learns at their own pace so you never have to worry that you’re not ‘keeping up’. We tailor the classes to you – not the other way around!

Respect: We believe that learning and training should be fun, exciting, and done in the spirit of cooperation.There is no room for ego or competition in our classes. Students are encouraged to help and support each other to be the best they can be. You’ll make new friends that can last a lifetime!

Thorough Analysis & Instruction: We just don’t teach what you should do, we help you learn why. You’ll learn the theory behind the Wing Chun techniques, which will help you master them more easily and quickly.

Sense of Family: With the over-commercialisation of martial arts, many schools have gotten away from this. However we believe in creating a more traditional Chinese martial arts environment which is one of “family”.

A family environment is one of comfort and safety – where you feel safe to train, learn and ask any questions you may have without fear of looking silly. Classes are kept small to encourage this.

Additional Education: At Southern Wing Chun, you’ll learn more than just a martial art – you’ll gain a martial education.