Benefits of Wing Chun.

There are many benefits to Wing Chun. Some are obvious and others more subtle. Through Wing Chun training you will develop:

1.       Expert knowledge of self defense and self protection

2.       Practical tools to defend yourself against one or multiple attackers

3.       Increased confidence and self-esteem

4.       Knowledge on how to read people and your surroundings

5.       Improved memory

6.       Improved strength and endurance

7.       Improved reflexes and sensitivity

8.       Improved coordination and balance

9.       Improved flexibility

10.   Stress relief

11.   Friendships that last a lifetime!

Wing Chun is not just a practical fighting system, it is also an art form. Wing Chun allows you to use your creative side by exploring the concepts and principles, and finding ways to express your understanding of these principles. I like to call it a much more “intelligent” martial art than most.